BIAN Certification roadmap

The BIAN Certification roadmap

BIAN FSI Architecture training and BIAN Certification roadmap

The BIAN Certification roadmap

Describes the various BIAN certifications that are available and to which roles within a Banking Architecture team they apply.

The BIAN Certification roadmap can function both as a career path for individuals and as a guide for organizations on what roles would ideally be included in a BIAN implementation and execution team or department. This applies regardless of whether it is linked to a specific service domain, API implementation, ISO 20022 alignment, or the more generic adoption of BIAN within your organisation or that of your client.


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BIAN FSI Architecture training and Certification roundtable BIAN Certification roadmap

Various roles in BIAN

The BIAN Certification roadmap describes the various roles that should be present in an ideal Banking Architecture team.

For each role, there is a specific set of knowledge and skills required. BIAN Services, Van Haren Certify, and various BIAN Accredited Education Partners (AEP’s) have been collaborating to define these roles and the necessary knowledge. For this purpose, learning products such as literature, training, and certifications have been developed.

The objective of BIAN and Van Haren Certify is to create certifications and learning products for all the roles within the BIAN team.

View BIAN Round table certification scheme webinar (10 min.)

Get to know more about the BIAN Certifications

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BIAN Literature

BIAN 2nd Edition – A framework for the financial services industry

€ 57.23
Excl. Tax: € 52.50
BIAN Business Object Model BOM

Business Object Modelling (BOM) workbook

€ 38.10
Excl. Tax: € 34.95
BIAN Courseware

BIAN Banking Architecture Foundation Courseware

€ 130.80
Excl. Tax: € 120.00

BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Courseware

€ 130.80
Excl. Tax: € 120.00

Warren Hankin - Architect at Santander Bank

The BIAN certifications means another mile stone to my professional development

It’s another milestone to my professional development, to be recognized in terms of having some expertise in the BIAN framework. It’s also a portable skill that I can carry with me and it’s applicable to any financial industry. Members but also vendors that are partnering with the financial industry. I decided to go for the certification because it is a standard and it is portable

BIAN Certifications
Bian foundation badge

BIAN Banking Architecture Foundation Certification

€ 544.50
Excl. Tax: € 450.00
bian data architecture design BOM

BIAN Data Architecture Specialist

€ 544.50
Excl. Tax: € 450.00
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