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Appeals Procedures

On this page, you will find a description of the procedure a candidate must follow to request an appeal regarding the Van Haren Learning Solutions exam. The conditions and requirements associated with the appeal procedure will also be explained on this page.


It is the responsibility of Van Haren Learning Solutions to independently assess all appeals and ensure that the quality of certification remains assured.

However, the candidate has the responsibility to follow the correct procedure, follow the instructions and abide by the conditions regarding the appeal.

The candidate must agree with the decision regardless of the outcome of get appeal. If he or she still disagrees, he or she must file a complaint according to the complaints procedure. All complaints must be clearly and explicitly reported, this gives the best chance of success in the appeal.

Evaluation arrangements

Our processes are evaluated annually as part of our self-evaluation. If candidates provide feedback and/or complaints, these are included in the evaluation process and dealt with accordingly. All appeals are handled by a separate employee, without the knowledge of the party involved in the complaint/feedback. This ensures that the matter is handled fairly and honestly.

Appeals procedure

If candidates do not agree with the decision on the examination, they can appeal. It is important that candidates understand the appeal procedure before they wish to appeal. Candidates should explicitly name the question being appealed in the appeal. Finally, a clear reason must be given for the appeal, and it must be understood that the candidate agrees that they will not be able to review the exam questions after the exam is finished. For a comprehensive overview of the appeal process, please refer to the overview (Appeal steps)

General correction of an appeal for candidates

If an appeal is justified and approved, all candidates who had this question in the last three months and failed will be selected for a correction of their marks. Those who would have passed if the questions had been corrected will receive a message confirming that they still passed the exam due to the correction.

Starting the appeal procedure

The appeal procedure is initiated upon request if the candidate has taken an exam and disagrees with his or her results and claims that there is an error in the exam or test.

If the candidate is right, his exam score will be corrected, and we will correct the scores of candidates who also got this question wrong in the last 3 months.

However, the candidate must agree and sign the terms and conditions and requirements. The requirements are all detailed at However, it is also possible that the correction may not be granted. In that case, the candidate’s application will not be granted, part of the requirements and conditions is that the candidate accepts the outcome of the appeal.

The appeal steps that need to be followed are:

Users can start the appeal by sending a detailed e-mail to [email protected]. The email should contain the following information:


Full legal name of the candidate

Examination date (If applicable)

Exam title (If applicable)

Exam voucher (If applicable)

A detailed overview of the case, clearly describing the reasons for the appeal. Upon receipt of the appeal, we will confirm the appeal within 2 days.

An appeal must be filed within 10 working days of the announcement of the examination result. Any appeal submitted after this deadline will be considered null and void.

The Van Haren Group will thoroughly review the facts and investigate the user’s case once the appeal is received. This review process ensures a fair assessment of the appeal and allows for a detailed examination of the user’s application. As part of the appeal process, the applicant is invited to provide additional details and explanations about the case. This contributes to a full picture of the circumstances within the appeal possible and helps achieve a fair resolution.


The Van Haren Group will clearly inform the appalant of the end of the appeal procedure and communicate the result of the appeal.

We are committed to responding to the concerns of candidates and thus we want to ensure that the appeal process is transparent and impartial. By providing a way for candidates to voice their complaints and participate in the appeal process, we aim to maintain the integrity and credibility of our examinations and certifications.

Requesting appeal may cover the following topics:

In the examination procedure, there was a deviation from the regular procedure that may have affected the candidate’s score.

The candidate believes that an incorrect calculation has been made in the examination result, resulting in the candidate failing his/her examination.

A candidate answered a question that was incorrectly worded/calculated when it should have been correct.

If a candidate disagrees with a sanction after committing (possible) fraud, the candidate may appeal against it.