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BIAN Banking Architecture Foundation Course desciption


In this intensive 16-hour (2 day)  BIAN Banking Architecture Essential Training, participants will gain insights into the BIAN banking architecture framework. BIAN’s approach is a pioneering standard for structuring capabilities, APIs, and microservices across various banking operations, serving as a unified solution for banking interoperability challenges.

Participants who clear the BIAN Essential Exam will be awarded the BIAN Essential certification, verifying their comprehensive understanding and proficiency at the Essential level of BIAN. This certification confirms their competency in articulating and identifying key aspects of BIAN, including its advantages for financial service providers, its foundational design concepts and elements, and its potential to lower integration costs while enhancing interoperability. Obtaining the BIAN Essential certification signifies an individual’s expertise in the BIAN Framework, recognizing their knowledge that financial institutions can be uniformly modeled to facilitate optimal interoperability and reuse, along with minimal IT integration expenses. Certified professionals in BIAN Essentials are adept at applying this knowledge to other financial service entities.


The BIAN Certification is tailored for individuals involved in the banking and financial services sector, such as enterprise architects, consulting professionals, and advisory roles. IT professionals in these areas are encouraged to pursue the BIAN Essential certification:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Data/Information Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Development Team Leaders
  • Seasoned Developers


Understand and articulate the objectives and foundational principles of BIAN.
Identify and explain the core design principles, including:

Distinct, non-overlapping functions
Modular service centers for banking models
Dynamic attributes of static elements
Recognize and contextualize BIAN elements accurately, encompassing:

  • Business scenarios
  • Functional frameworks
  • Terms of action
  • Behavioral qualifiers
  • Types of assets
  • Control documentation


  • Introduction to the BIAN Framework
  • BIAN’s core purpose and methodology
  • Comprehending BIAN theory
  • The BIAN service landscape overview
  • Implementing BIAN standards
  • Constructing a representative enterprise blueprint for banking
  • Utilizing an enterprise blueprint for analytical framework
  • Integrating BIAN with the TOGAF ADM


Attendees are expected to have prior experience or understanding in Enterprise Architecture, such as a TOGAF® certification or related Enterprise Architecture experience in the financial services industry context.


Included in course fees
Question Count: 60
Exam Duration: 60 minutes
Required Pass Percentage: 70%
Exam Type: Closed book
Language: English
Exam Format: Online

BIAN Banking Architecture and Design Specialist

This BIAN program is designed for financial services industry professionals, including data architects and data modelers at both the enterprise and solution levels, as well as advisors and service providers in the financial services sector.


The primary advantages of acquiring the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification include:

  • Empowering data experts to fully utilize the capabilities of BIAN and the BIAN Business Object Model (BOM).
  • Enhancing the overall proficiency and understanding of professionals regarding the BIAN BOM and Control Records, leading to the development of more efficient ICT systems.
  • Offering a competitive edge to professionals and their respective organizations.
  • Serving as a symbol of expertise and professionalism for banking data specialists and architects.


This specialized BIAN Data Architecture & Design course offers:

A comprehensive introduction to the BIAN banking architecture standard.
Detailed instruction on ArchiMate® and UML methodologies applied in BIAN Data Architecture & Design.
Insights into the BIAN Business Object Model, including its scope, patterns, and processes.
Passing the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Exam certifies that participants have thoroughly understood and mastered the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist requirements. This certification verifies knowledge in the BIAN Data Reference Architecture within the financial sector.

The BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist certification encompasses:

  • An understanding of the value added by the BIAN Object Model to the financial industry and its service providers.
  • A grasp of the core design principles and components of BIAN’s Reference Architecture for the Financial Industry.
  • A focus on comprehending and applying the ArchiMate® and UML methodologies used by BIAN in modeling the Object Model, along with learning and implementing BIAN Modeling Patterns.


Beneficial prior experience includes banking and data modeling knowledge, particularly in ArchiMate® and/or UML, ideally within a financial services environment.


Certification fee is separate.
Total questions: 60
Exam duration: 60 minutes
Passing threshold: 70%
Exam type: Closed book
Language of the exam: English
Option for re-examination: Available for accredited courses
Mode of exam delivery: Online