A lifetime of fame

An author’s reward is not just the ability to collect royalties. The true reward of authorship cannot be expressed in numbers alone. A lifetime of fame can be yours! But true greatness also has a price.

An author’s work does not just consist of writing a manuscript and expecting the publisher to publish it worldwide. Of course, you can count on us at Van Haren Publishing to do our part. But we also rely on our authors to promote their publications. You can start by gathering as many reviews as you can, speaking up by blogging, speaking at events and giving a talk or training. The bottom line is to tell everyone you meet about your book.

What kind of fame can you expect?

What you need to become an author

Becoming an author is not an easy task. There are many challenges ahead. Roughly 30 percent of people who commit to writing a book succeed in delivering a final manuscript. It requires a big investment in writing late into the night, skimping on private time and family. On average, it takes an author between 6 and 12 months to deliver their manuscript.

Van Haren Publishing is a high-quality content publisher. We maintain very high standards and cannot (afford to) publish everything that comes our way. As with any product, a publication must be feasible and have marketing potential. First, we must be sure that enough customers will be interested and that there is an audience for your work.

We strongly encourage you to research the potential value before you start writing.
to write. Contact us before you go down this road!

We help authors get started by using our own best practices
from (personal) experience writing a book. For example: