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BiSL® Certificerings Roadmap

BiSl Certificerings roadmap

 Business IT Liaison Certification roadmap

In the rapidly changing business environment, it is essential to invest in the development of business IT liaison, allowing services to fulfill their intended purposes.

Under the guidance of the KNVI Open Standards Working Group, market players have developed a certification roadmap for Functional Management to assist professionals and organizations in adapting to the ever-evolving world of Business IT Liaison.

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Business Informatie Management Career Path als aanvulling op BiSL®opleiding. Voor functioneel Beheerders die BIM Master of IV-Expert worden.


Combine knowledge and skills in the areas of BiSL® Foundation, BiSL® Practitioner, and an additional skill, leveraging the supplementary knowledge domains to enhance your skills and those of your organization in the field of Business IT Liaison, becoming a Functional Management expert.

Mix and Match Certifications

It’s not about what you have but what you do with it! Demonstrate that you possess the core competencies required to specialize in a specific field, both for your own benefit and that of your organization!

Together with experts from the market, it has been determined which vital work areas align best with Business IT Liaison, as outlined below. It has also been determined which certifications are recognized as providing the necessary competencies to meet certification requirements, in addition to BiSL® Foundation and BiSL® Practitioner.

  •  Business IT Strategy Liaison specialist

    As a functional manager, you understand not only operational and tactical functional management but also Strategic Functional Management. You can help achieve long-term organizational objectives by translating them into other hierarchical levels of functional management.

    • For the additional (3rd) certification, the Functional Management Strategy Specialist has been chosen to be pursued together. DID® Digital Information Design Of which the exam. hier can be ordered.
  • BIM Change specialist

    The Business Information Management (BIM) change specialist has particular expertise in Agile work, and can therefore assist the organization in creating its Functional Management approach based on value to achieve the most effective result. Within Agile work, there are many variations, which is why multiple certifications are also recognized, such as:

    • PSM I of, the most widely taken Scrum certification is the standard in the world of Agile work. Therefore, it is extremely suitable to be used as a match for the BIM Change Specialist certification.
    • EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation this broader-oriented certification doesn’t just focus on Scrum but on multiple commonly used methods and techniques within the Agile domain. This provides professionals with a comprehensive toolbox that can be utilized within Functional Management.
    • APMG Agile Project Management Foundation This widely applied method also touches upon the intersection of Project Management and Agile work.
    • SAFe Scaled Agile Foundation ertification is more suitable for larger organizations that dynamically organize and adapt in an agile manner.
    • The EXIN Functioneel Beheer Specialist also known as the Professional Training in Functional Management (PTFM). It specifically addresses how a functional manager needs to ensure reliable, flexible, scalable, and innovative information provision. Therefore, it is an excellent option for obtaining the BIM Change Specialist certification.
  • Business IT Laison Service Specialist

    The Functional Management Service Specialist understands the world of IT Service Management (IT-SM) and enterprise service management. They can help align the management side and service side of the organization, which can be advantageous for the organization. Selected certifications to complement the Functional Management Service Specialist certification include:

    • ITIL® Foundation, Currently, version 4 is undoubtedly the most well-known and widely used IT Service Management (IT-SM) certification. This is reflected in the fact that the method is widely utilized, making it a solid starting point for the Functional Management Service Specialist certification.
    • ISM 5 Foundation, ISM stands for Integrated Service Management and is an effective service management framework that aligns with an organization’s IT-SM needs, making it a valuable addition.
    • APMG FitSM It is also a lightweight, minimalist IT Service Management (IT-SM) method that assists organizations in their Service Management.
    • EXIN VeriSM It is an Enterprise Service Management method that complements Functional Management well.
    • Asl® Foundation, despite being Application Management, ASL® shares the same essential competencies that reflect the service side of an organization. Therefore, it has been decided that this certification also counts towards the specialization module.
  • Business IT Laison analyse Specialist

    Information management is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, especially for the field of Functional Management and Business Information Management. As an additional certification, we are looking at:

    • EXIN/BCS Business Analyse It is a widely used BA certification for the role of Business Analyst, which provides valuable competencies for the field of Functional Management.
    • IIBA Business Analyse
    • EDF Data Analyse
    • EXIN Data Analyse
  • Information Control Specialist

    The field of Testing aligns exceptionally well with Functional Management and the dynamic world where rapid delivery and testing are the norm. Recognized certifications for the Information Control Specialist include:

    • TMap Foundation
    • ISQB Foundation
    • CTAP Foundation
  • Business IT Laison Master

    A combination of 4 out of the above-mentioned 5 specialization modules grants the title of Functional Management Master.

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