Registering an Exam voucher

FAQ: How to Redeeming an exam voucher?
This article explains how to redeem your exam voucher on the exam and certification portal. An exam voucher gives access to one or more practice exams and one or more official exams.

Find your exam voucher
Vouchers are 28-character long strings of digits and letters. They are sent to you by your trainer, training organization, or accreditation institute. If you don’t know how to find your voucher, you should contact them, as vouchers are distributed outside our platform, and we’re not aware of their details. This is an example of an exam voucher: 6006bd528dc5723f5f54adz1224c

Register your exam voucher
If you are a new user on the exam portal, you will be directed to the voucher registration page immediately after completing your details. If you already have an account, click the homepage’s redeem voucher button.
Enter your 28-character exam voucher and click submit
You are now redirected to the homepage. On this page, you now see a tile with the title of the certificate for which you redeemed a voucher.
Click on the tile. You are now redirected to the certification page. On this page, you can access one or more practice exams and one or more main or official exams. Remember that you must take at least one practice exam before receiving access to the main exam, and your account needs to be verified. (Account verification happens within 24 hours after creating an account.)