Van Haren Group has taken ownership of 3 management standards.

Van Haren Group has taken ownership of 3 management standards.

Application Service Library (ASL)
Business Information Service Library (BISL)
Digital Information Design (DID)

Den Bosch March 1 – Van Haren Group has acquired ownership of 3 management standards that are used by many large organizations for information management, functional management and application management. The aim is to secure, manage and further develop the ideas through publications, teaching materials and certifications. Moreover, the trainers and trainers continue to support their propositions to the end user.

In recent years, these important standards have been developed with groups of professionals. Standards that are used worldwide. For example, the Aplication Service Library (ASL) thought leadership is a standard that has been widely deployed, and for which exams are given all over the world. The same is true of the Business Information Service Library (BISL) Standard, which was developed with a consortium of organizations, including the Ministries of Finance, Defense and the Interior and organizations such as PinkRoccade, Getronics and KPN. The theory of Prof. Dr. Van Looijen is the basis of the distinction and the relationship between application management, functional management and technical management. For information management, the standard DID (Digital Information Management) was launched in 2021. These standards have therefore been developed alongside the already existing ideas of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Van Haren Group will continue to shape the further development of these standards. With the help of the authors and content experts who laid the foundation for BISL, Van Haren Group will provide the field of functional management with publications, courseware and exams.
Furthermore, this year, with our partners, much attention will be paid to the Application Management Standard (ASL), of which we expect an update in the fall.


Several books, management guides and pocket guides are available for all 3 standards.


The official exams are available from the following recognized exam agencies


Van Haren-CertN (from the 1st of June)