October 14 | 09:00 am
October 15 | 18:00 pm

World Commerce & Contracting Summit Americas

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World Commerce & Contracting Summit Americas 2024 – Atlanta

Join us in Atlanta for World Commerce & Contracting’s 2024 Americas Summit where we explore our theme for the year, Contracting for Outcomes: uniting process, technology, and skills.


We have a stellar agenda in-store that is guaranteed to inspire, inform, and empower you as you connect with industry leaders, thought innovators, and fellow professionals from around the globe.

This year we are running three tracks, so no matter your skill set or experience level, WorldCC’s 2024 Americas Summit is a beacon for the contracting community from across the region. It is set to be an inspiring convergence of cutting-edge technology, innovative contract management strategies, and forward-thinking perspectives.

Operational Excellence Track

Designed for professionals looking to enhance their day-to-day operations. This track provides practical skills and insights to immediately enhance, upgrade, or transform daily operations for more effective contract management.

Gain a toolkit of operational skills that will have a direct impact on day-to-day work, ensuring tangible improvements and operational success.

Strategic Value Track

From navigating global trends to mastering innovative practices, his track offers strategic leaders a high-level perspective on contracting, covering adaptability, transformation, relationships, team-building and more.

Gain foresight to shape the future of contracts and strategically position your organization for long-term success.

Professional Development Track

This track focuses on leadership, career growth, communication skills and handling difficult conversations. It goes beyond technical skills to address the interpersonal and leadership abilities needed for career advancement and fulfillment.

Gain valuable skills and strategies for handling difficult conversations, CV writing, and the crucial skill of effective communication.