April 22 | 09:00 am
April 25 | 18:00 pm

The Open Group Summit Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards

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The Open Group Summit Ecosystems Architecture and AI Standards

Unleashing Innovation: The Intersection of Enterprise Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

Event Highlights:
Discover the Future: gain insights into cutting-edge EA strategies, such as Ecosystems Architecture, that will drive innovation and transform businesses.

AI Unleashed: learn from industry experts, and understand how AI is impacting the work of Enterprise Architects and how the developmentof industry standards for AI will be critical to the effective implementation and control of this technology.
Sustainable Tomorrow: explore the pivotal role of Sustainability in today’s business landscape. Discover how companies are integrating sustainability practices and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Why Attend?​​​​​​
Networking Opportunities: connect with industry leaders, fellow professionals, and innovators. Build valuable relationships that extend beyond the event.
Expert Speakers: learn from the best in the industry! Our line-up of speakers includes thought leaders, practitioners, and visionaries who will share their insights and experiences.
Hands-On Workshops: get your hands dirty with practical workshops and gain actionable skills that you can implement immediately.