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About Vijfhart

Vijfhart is the largest independent IT training provider in the Netherlands, with over 40 years of experience in the field. With an impressive track record of training over 500,000 individuals to become IT professionals, Vijfhart actively contributes to society’s digital transformation, making it smarter.

Core Values:

The core values of Vijfhart are an essential part of the company culture, serving as a guide for positive, respectful, and professional interactions. These core values ensure that everything aligns:

1. Reliability: Vijfhart adheres to commitments and honors its promises.
2. Collaboration: Vijfhart believes in teamwork and achieving goals together, without barriers.
3. Innovation: Daily learning processes and openness to change are central to Vijfhart.
4. Solution-Oriented: Vijfhart aims to find solutions to every problem, with a ‘we fix it’ mentality.

Personal Approach:

As a true family business, Vijfhart values knowledge sharing and a personal customer approach, deeply ingrained in its DNA. With its own instructors and a dedicated personal contact person for each client, Vijfhart ensures optimal support for all training needs.

Learning Formats:

Vijfhart offers various learning formats because everyone learns in their own way. These include Vijfhart Classroom (physical, online, hybrid), Vijfhart Flex (physical, online), and Vijfhart E-learning. This allows each learner to choose their preferred method for an optimal learning journey.





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