The TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2


The TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2

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The TOGAF standard is a framework - a detailed method and a set of supporting tools - for developing an Enterprise Architecture, developed by members of The Open Group Architecture Forum.
The TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 is an update providing additional guidance, correcting errors, introducing structural changes to support the TOGAF Library (an extensive collection of reference material), and removing obsolete content. It may be used freely by any organization wishing to develop an Enterprise Architecture for use within that organization (subject to the Conditions of Use).
This Book is divided into six parts:
• Part I - Introduction
This part provides a high-level introduction to the key concepts of Enterprise Architecture and in particular the TOGAF approach. It contains the definitions of terms used throughout the standard.
• Part II - Architecture Development Method
This is the core of the TOGAF framework. It describes the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) – a step-by-step approach to developing an Enterprise Architecture.
• Part III - ADM Guidelines & Techniques
This part contains a collection of guidelines and techniques available for use in applying the TOGAF framework and the TOGAF ADM. Additional guidelines and techniques are also in the TOGAF Library (available online from The Open Group).
• Part IV - Architecture Content Framework
This part describes the TOGAF content framework, including a structured metamodel for architectural artifacts, the use of re-usable architecture building blocks, and an overview of typical architecture deliverables.
• Part V - Enterprise Continuum & Tools
This part discusses appropriate taxonomies and tools to categorize and store the outputs of architecture activity within an enterprise.
• Part VI Architecture Capability Framework
This part discusses the organization, processes, skills, roles, and responsibilities required to establish and operate an architecture practice within an enterprise.
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