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Giving someting back

All for Trees

Originating as a publisher over 20 years ago. We have contributed to our fair share of paper usage. 

We acknowledge this.. 

We don’t think this paper has gone to waste. Since have helped many organization improve their business though best practices. Learning from each other’s success. 

But we can do more!

Amount off threes planted

Counter Title

We doubly compensate our usage

We at Van Haren compensate for all orders. Dubble in CO2 usage.  


Meaning: For each book that is being bought from us, we double compensate the paper used for this publication. 

And we also compensate the same revenue for ebooks. 
And for exams. And anything else bought though Van Haren. 

trees for all.

Planting trees together for a green and healthy world.



Revenue translated to pages

We (have) calculated how many pages are represented if we express the revenue in paper pages. (We include ebooks and exams additionally)


Pages calculated in three's

We calculate how many threes would need to be used to generate these books (paper pages).


Compensate the threes

We replant the Dubbel amount of threes that we need annually have used in paper.

Like to also contribute? Create your own initiative!


Compensation for paper use  


Contemporarily, the attention for the environment becomes centred in the way we live, create and do business. This very positive shift brings future perspective for us and the future generations. We do support this initiative and embrace the fact that all industries have to contribute towards greener enterpreneurship.  


Therefore, the wish to contribute to the cause resulted in the idea to compensate all paper use trippled by planting trees via Trees for all. 


Trees for all is an initiative that plants trees on demand domestic and abroad, all  across the world.