Certified NIS2 exam Syllabus

NIS2 exam syllabus to become a NIS2 Certified professional

Certified NIS2 (CNIS2) Syllabus


The Certified NIS2 exam Syllabus outlines the knowledge the candidates need to master in order to pass the Certified NIS2 Syllabus (CNIS2) Professional Certification exam. It provides suggestions for preparation and highlights the benefits of taking this exam.

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About Certified NIS2 Professional (CNIS2)

Body: EU Organisational Compliance Institute
Accreditation institute: Van Haren Certify
Exam institute: CertN

As cyber risk concerns are becoming increasingly prominent in the risk profiles of organizations, members of senior management bodies are required to understand these risks and make informed decisions for the organization that consider these risks and their impact, not just on the organization itself, but also on the ultimate recipients of their products and services.

The Network and Information Systems Directive released in 2022 (NIS2 Directive) emphasizes the importance of this understanding and involvement by these members of the organization’s management bodies by requiring them to actively involve themselves in cybersecurity risk management and the implementation of measures to make these risks justifiably acceptable.

Navigating NIS2: Bridging the Cybersecurity GAP takes you on tour through the NIS2 Directive. It is a tour for these members of the organization’s management bodies, whether they are the Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Executive Officers, or any other member of the management team. This course is unique because it understands that, especially for these members, time is a precious commodity. Hence, this course walks you through the overall Directive in the first day and takes you through a NIS2 assessment of your own organization on the second day. As attendee, you will not only complete the tour with an understanding of what the NIS2 means, but specifically what it means to you and what you should do to become compliant.

Certification definition

The CNIS2 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of the Directive including the measures that it prescribes. The certification also verifies the candidate’s knowledge about basic information security concepts that enable the candidate to discuss the cybersecurity risk management measures with those that are charged to implement and maintain them.

Certification definition

Candidates can become certified by passing the Certified NIS2 Professional exam.

Vouchers for the certification exam are available through accredited trainers and Van Haren Group.

NIS2 exam Certification renewal

The CNIS2 Professional certificate is valid indefinitely.

The certificate you receive after passing the exam shows the date of issue. It also indicates how long the certificate is valid.

Exam format

The general exam regulations apply to this exam.


Attemps per voucher:60
Passing score:65%
Passing score for trainers:75%
Time:60 min.
Open book:No
Question type:multiple choice


NIS2 Exam syllabus

The following table is an overview of the topics examined in the certification exam.

NIS2 Exam structure

NIS2 Exam Reference Material

The reference material for the Certified NIS2 Professional exam is:

The NIS2 Navigator’s Handbook: Bridging the Cybersecurity Gap
Author: Michiel Benda
Publisher: Van Haren Publishing