Pocket Guide Business Process Management

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Note: This book is available in several languages: English, Dutch.

Business Process Management (BPM) concerns the goal-driven design, management and execution of business processes. Many organisations currently manage or plan to start managing their business processes: 82% of the European CEOs consider BPM to be “very important to their organisation … motivated by the need to work smarter, better and faster in a rapidly changing marketplace” (EFQM survey).

The reasons for this are quite obvious. A better grip on business processes also means better results for clients, decrease in costs and enhancement of the process performance. Nevertheless, only few organisations are outstanding in applying the BPM principles and techniques. This can be often explained by insufficient domain specific knowledge, competencies and expertise, which are required in order to be able to translate general business goals into a clear vision with respect to business processes. For implementing successfully such a vision in practice it is critical that the process stakeholders share the same understanding of the most important BPM-related concepts. Nevertheless, literature sources and practitioners use attribute different semantics/definitions to a term or they use different terms (sometimes interchangeably) to designate the same concept. This has become a constant source of confusion and ambiguities. This situation is further worsened by the variety of abbreviations that can be found in abundance in many scientific and professional publications and which are often familiar only to experts. Therefore we felt compelled to set the records straight and collect and explain in this document the most important concepts related to business process methods, techniques and tools.
Next to that, Lean management has become more commonly used in organizations as a means of realizing continuous (process) improvements. Lean closely relates to the field of BPM and therefore it made its entrance into this pocket guide.
The adoption grade of BPMN increases. Its success lies in the fact that it is a standard language for modelling processes in a uniform way. Key concepts of BPMN can be found in this pocket guide as well.
A more recent development, also included in this pocket guide, is that of Decision Modelling. This is about modelling and controlling the business logics of business decisions made in an organization. 11

This booklet is a useful BPM “dictionary” for managers, process owners, process developers, consultants and enterprise architects.
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