Introduction to the ISO/IEC 20000 Series. IT service management BIP 0125

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This introduction to ISO/IEC 20000-1 is the definitive guide to the second edition ISO 20000 (the 2011 version) .

The user-friendly guide expands on Part 1 of the standard; the specification providing easily-understood detailed advice on:
•what the requirements mean
•how to do it
•what evidence will be required
•who does what.

The guide includes a road map to the 2011 edition and how the standard fits in the bigger picture of best practices and expert descriptions of the definition of the scope, building a service management system, establishing integrated processes, the delivery of high quality service and keeping customers happy.

Service management experts Jenny Dugmore and Shirley Lacy will also provide detailed explanations of the changes to clauses 4 and 5 which have been significantly revised and expanded including new requirements.

What are people saying about Introduction to the ISO/IEC 20000 Series: IT Service Management?

" This book provides a much needed practical reference for anyone who needs to quickly understand, assess, design and transition service management processes to attain the Standard or review an existing service provider.”
Steve Ingall, Head of Consultancy , iCore Ltd

" An outstanding book from the world's foremost authority on the ISO 20000 Standard. As a companion to applying the Standard, this guide is a must for Service Providers."
Sharon Taylor, President , Aspect Group Inc.

“ Standards are the moulds for shaping an industry as it matures. The ISO/IEC 20000 series has played a pivotal role in the growth of formal IT Management approaches, and this new standard will ensure that it continues to do so.

This introduction goes far beyond a summary of the standard, and provides valuable insights to the intent, content and practical use of the series."
David Cannon, FSM: Chairman , itSMF International
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