Global Standards and Publications - Edition 2016/2017

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Van Haren Publishing is the world’s leading publisher in best practice,
methods and standards within IT Management, Project Management,
Enterprise Architecture and Business Management. We are the
offi cial publisher for some of the world’s leading organizations and their
frameworks including: The Open Group [TOGAF], IPMA-NL, ITSqc [eSCM
Models], GamingWorks [ABC of ICT], ASL BiSL Foundation, IAOP®,
IACCM, CRP Henri Tudor and PMI NL.

This catalog will provide you with an overview of our most popular and
upcoming titles, but also gives you a quality summary on internationally
relevant frameworks. Van Haren Publishing is an independent, worldwide
recognized publisher, well known for our extensive professional network
(authors, reviewers and accreditation bodies of standards), fl exibility and
years of experience.

We make content available in hard copy and digital formats, designed to
suit your personal preference (iPad, Kindle and online), available through
over 50 distribution partners (Amazon, Google Play, Barnes & Noble,
Managementboek and, etc.) and over 700 outlets worldwide.
Free whitepapers are available in our eKnowledge, with a licence for our
eLibrary you can download all our eBooks within your area of expertise
and in our eShop you can place your order in your favorite media format:
hard copy or eBook.


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