Frameworks for IT Management

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Note: This book is available in several languages: Chinese, German, English.

Official Recommended Reading for EXIN Exams - Principles of IT Management is your passport to IT

Modern IT managers are confronted with an overwhelming number of management frameworks, methods and methodologies – making it difficult to see the wood for the trees. In addition many IT service providers believe they can’t be taken seriously if they don’t also have a proprietary framework to offer – which makes it even more difficult to find your way through the framework forest.

This title covers the most important frameworks in use, in a neutral and objective way, so that readers can better understand the potential value of each instrument. Each framework is described by a well-known expert in that field, in a structured format, to emphasize the specific characteristics.

A consistent approach to each chapter allows easy comparison between the instruments: a description of each framework, the origin/history, where the instrument is used, description and core graphics, approach/how to, relevance to IT management, strengths and weaknesses, cross-references/relationships and links and literature.

This title is a reliable and consistent reference guide, whether it is used as a first introduction to frameworks you haven’t seen before, or as a quick reference guide to the core information on the frameworks you already know. In all cases the guide should provide a valuable information source for modern IT managers.

Frameworks are included: TQM, ISO19000, TickIT, ISO27001, ISO/IEC 20000, IT Service CMM, Six Sigma, eSCM-SP, IT Balanced Scorecard, AS8015-2005, CoBIT, M_o_R, Generic Framework for Information Management, BiSL, ISPL, ITIL, eTOM, ASL, MSP, PRINCE2, PMBOK, ICB

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