IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF™) 2nd edition

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€ 80,61 Incl. BTW € 73,95 Excl. BTW

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Business organizations, both public and private, are constantly challenged to innovate and generate real value. CIOs are uniquely well-positioned to seize this opportunity and adopt the role of business transformation partner, helping their organizations to grow and prosper with innovative, IT-enabled products, services and processes. To succeed in this, however, the IT function needs to manage an array of inter-related and inter-dependent disciplines focused on the generation of business value. In response to this need, the Innovation Value Institute, a cross-industry international consortium, developed the IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF™). This second edition of the IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF™) is a comprehensive suite of tried and tested practices, organizational assessment approaches, and improvement roadmaps covering key IT capabilities needed to optimize value and innovation in the IT function and the wider organization. It enables organizations to devise more robust strategies, make better-informed decisions, and perform more effectively, efficiently and consistently. IT-CMF is: • An integrated management toolkit covering 36 key capability management disciplines, with organizational maturity profiles, assessment methods, and improvement roadmaps for each. • A coherent set of concepts and principles, expressed in business language, that can be used to guide discussions on setting goals and evaluating performance. • A unifying (or umbrella) framework that complements other, domain-specific frameworks already in use in the organization, helping to resolve conflicts between them, and filling gaps in their coverage. • Industry/sector and vendor independent. IT-CMF can be used in any organizational context to guide performance improvement. • A rigorously developed approach, underpinned by the principles of Open Innovation and guided by the Design Science Research methodology, synthesizing leading academic research with industry practitioner expertise ‘IT-CMF provides us with a structured and systematic approach to identify the capabilities we need, a way to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and clear pathways to improve our performance.’ Suresh Kumar, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon ‘To successfully respond to competitive forces, organizations need to continually review and evolve their existing IT practices, processes, and cultural norms across the entire organization. IT-CMF provides a structured framework for them to do that.’ Christian Morales, Corporate Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation ‘We have successfully applied IT-CMF in over 200 assignments for clients. It just works. Or, as our clients confirm, it helps them create more value from IT.’ Ralf Dreischmeier, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group ‘By using IT-CMF, business leaders can make sure that the tremendous potential of information technology is realized in their organizations.’ Professor Philip Nolan, President, Maynooth University ‘I believe IT-CMF to be comprehensive and credible. Using the framework helps organizations to objectively identify and confirm priorities as the basis for driving improvements.’ Dr Colin Ashurst, Senior Lecturer and Director of Innovation, Newcastle University Business School
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Artikelnummer 978940180050C
isbn 978940180050C
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Uitgever Van Haren Publishing
Uitgeef Datum 2016-06-15
Producten Boeken
Publish Year 2016
Taal english
Categorieën Business Management
Standards IT Management
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edition 1
blz 590
hoogte 5
breedte 18
Length (cm) 24
Weight (Kg) 1.5000
Standaard 99958
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