The EFQM excellence model for Assessing Organizational Performance

Auteur: Chris Hakes
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The ‘EFQM Excellence Model’ was introduced at the beginning of 1992 as the framework for assessing organizations for the annual ‘European Excellence Award’. It is now the most widely used organizational assessment framework in Europe. Most users have no intention of applying to win awards; they use the framework and analysis techniques within the model as diagnostic tools that will help them to:

assess the health of their organization, identify its strengths and areas for improvement and periodically measure progress

identify and share good management practices, both internally and externally

anticipate and target their desired results in tangible, measurable ways

Whether you are a newcomer to the Excellence Model, or an experienced user (whose techniques of performance assessment maybe rigorous but have possibly evolved to become overly complex), this Management Guide provides you with practical techniques to undertake timely and effective assessments. It explains the history, basis and evolution of the EFQM Excellence Model, the nature of EFQM and its networks today, and, most importantly, provides step-by-step guidance, together with a series of analysis pro-formas, to enable readers to facilitate an assessment of an organization against each of the 32 elements (‘criterion parts’) of the EFQM Excellence Model.

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