IT Service Management from Hell

  • UitgeverVan Haren Publishing

  • 9789077212219 - hardcopy
    9789087538392 - eBook
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€ 12,72
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This piece of work claims to be politically incorrect, sexist and IT-centric. And it achieves all three. We recommend this book to you unreservedly if you wish to provide the worst possible practices to your customers. Be aware that most of the items raised as comic issues make uncomfortable reading, because we can all identify someone who really believes in them.

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isbn 978907721221C
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Uitgeef Datum 2004-01-10 00:00:00
Uitgever Van Haren Publishing
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Publish Year 2004
Taal english
Categories IT & IT Management
Standards IT Management, ITIL
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Standaard 101010
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