Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition

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PRINCE2 is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering successful projects.

The updated 2017 guidance, its first since 2009, places a strong emphasis on the scalability and flexibility of the method and on how best to tailor it to the complexity and specific requirements of a project.

The best practice represented by the PRINCE2 method is supported by a scheme that offers three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional.

The PRINCE2 method comprises of seven themes, principles, and processes and equips practi-tioners with the skills and knowledge to manage projects in a wide range of environments.

“Time and again we hear that the only constant in the world is change, and PRINCE2 is evolving to respond to changes in business practice. At the same time, the key elements of PRINCE2 remain a constant: rooted in the realities of working life and as relevant as they ever were. The method’s strength, derives from decades of best practice in project management across diverse organiza-tions and industries”

Peter Hepworth, Chief Executive Officer of AXELOS

- Increased emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and a varied range of project environments
- Demonstrates a greater link between the themes and principles
- Restructuring of the ‘Themes’ chapters to accommodate typical examples of tailoring
- Provides increased guidance on the practical application of the method, with numerous examples, hint and tips
- Improvements to the structure and format have been made throughout the manual to en-sure it is easier to navigate and use
- The updated guidance and exams has been developed through a collaborative approach involving over 100 members of the broader development team, including practitioners, trainers and consultants
- PRINCE2’s familiar structure of seven principles, themes and processes have remained con-stant.

The new 2017 edition publication is the manual from which the syllabus and the examinations are set and supports the new updated PRINCE2 qualification for both Foundation and Practition-er examinations.

Any business professional who is managing (or part of) projects in their day to day role, will bene-fit from the detailed best-practice and governance guidance held within this invaluable resource.
It will be particularly useful for new project managers wishing to learn about project
management generally and about PRINCE2 in particular.
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