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Translated Book Review: De Projectsaboteur en PRINCE2

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By Henny Portman
Just the book “The Project and PRINCE2 Saboteur” by Dion and Jeroen Kotterman Gietema. You could easily read it in one go. Dion and Jeroen wrote in 2007 for the book “The project saboteur.”

The latter book, the main saboteur. How a saboteur a project efficiently, effectively sabotaging but above all professional. In this booklet you look from the project manager for the saboteur.

We follow Simon, a young project, a number of saboteurs in his own project manages to dismantle. The reader is taken through the steps that Simon takes with his project to initiate and the problems he encountered in managing his project.

As its title indicates, he uses the method PRINCE2. The book is not about PRINCE2 itself though, Simon did not have any other project management method to use. This does not diminish the story. Focus is on the interpersonal aspects, starting with a proper stakeholder analysis, and the other behavioral skills that are equally important.

We see what it means when you go through as a beginner project, and gives in to pressure from outside to not behave documents and proposals for approval to offer. The story also shows what it means when you deal with a steering committee that does not  include the right people.

If there is not controlled, decisions taken there is only attention to the review.

The experienced project manager can be a steering committee that does not intrude. We also get a look at how projects seem to be supported by stakeholders, while the opposite, sabotage projects, is achieved.

You project this story on your own projects, and I hope that no light comes on! If it does it is the case then you will need to take action immediately to your own project to expose saboteur. In short, I found this book easily readable and heartily recommend. Not to discover PRINCE2 but your own stakeholder skills and interpersonal aspects and how to get a better grasp at these.

9789087536664-230x290 PRINCE2ISBN: 9789087536664
Author: Henny Portman’s                                                      Price: €18,40 


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