Extension courseware based on the Archimate Standard, Version 3.1 Standard by Van Haren Publishing

Extension courseware based on the Archimate Standard, Version 3.1 Standard by Van Haren Publishing

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Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
| english | First edition, first print

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Van Haren Publishing is listed as accredited Archimate® training course provider on the Archimate® Accreditation Register for The Archimate® Standard. Via the website vhls.global we enable you in three easy steps to also deliver Accredited Archimate® Standard training courses based on this Courseware.
This material is extension courseware, this is additional supportive material aims to help provide training on the subject of the Archimate Standard, Version 3.1.
We know the accreditation process well and support you with this. You don’t have to worry about the accreditation, you can become an affiliate of us and we will guide you in three easy steps through the process, including enrolment of qualified trainers. Our materials are of the highest quality includes extensive exam preparations and many other extra’s!
Already, many well-respected training organizations make use of these Van Haren Publishing high quality materials and services for the delivery of The TOGAF Standard training. We have been enabling our Affiliates to grow their revenue and numbers of students. The easiness of enrollment and the many extra’s we provide creates a great competitive advantage for our partners. Contact info(at)vanharen.net if you have any questions.
Van Haren Publishing is the official publisher of The Open Group, we provide as one of the only organizations all official publications.
The Courseware consist out of ArchiMate® 3 Foundation and Practitioner (Level 1 & 2) and the additional ArchiMate 3.1 Publications like:
- ArchiMate 3.1 Specification
- ArchiMate 3.1 a pocket Guide

The Archimate® Standard has been developed through the collaborative efforts of the whole community. Using The Archimate® Standard results in an Enterprise Architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives due consideration both to current requirements and the perceived future needs of the business.

These courseware materials form the perfect basis for full course accreditation including the Van Haren's QMS, Courseware materials, authorized trainer(s) enrollment and exam voucher(s).

Disclaimer: These courseware materials separately are not accredited and do not provide any right to use the trademark. Also these materials may not be commercially used without a Commercial License from The Open Group. When registered for a TOGAF® or Archimate® course, the exam/certification voucher is included in the training fee. Order directly or contact info(at)vanharen.net if you have any questions.

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Extra informatie
Artikelnummer 978940180663C
isbn 978940180663C
nur-code 982
Publisher Van Haren Publishing
Uitgeef Datum 2020-05-26
Producten Courseware
Publish Year 2020
Language english
Categorieën Enterprise Architecture
Standards Archimate
Serie Nee
edition First edition, first print
pages Nee
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