Making Data Useful

January 27 - 30, 2020  San Antonio, USA

Data and analytics are key drivers in an organization's digitization and transformation initiatives. However, more data was created in the last 2 years than in the previous 500, and it is estimated that over 3,000 million terabytes of data exist in the World today. So the real problem faced by any organization is not acquiring data in quantity, but the quality of the data analysis and its business application.

According to a Gartner report, the average large organization is losing some $14 million per year as a result of poor data quality. This is supported by a study carried out by Deloitte that 67% of the time companies believe that barriers to using data effectively are related to a lack of quality.

The Open Group San Antonio event, will focus on the question of how you can make data useful to your business. There will be case study presentations on how organizations are making data useful as part of a digital transformation program. We will also learn about the increasing demand for Data Scientists and the importance of their role to the organization to help facilitate business growth. In addition, data trust and security issues will also be considered.

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