he main principles of Agile are based on customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable product and welcome changing requirements, even late in development to deliver working software/product development frequently in a short timescale. In this approach, business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project based on consistent collaboration and motivated individuals.

Enterprise Architecture (EA), on the other hand, is about supporting business transformation keeping the alignment with the strategic view in order to pursue an incremental, continuous value delivery addressing concerns from different stakeholders. EA provides guidance and techniques to develop a holistic view for the organization landscape to address complexity and change. It supports business value delivery and also impact and risk assessments across organization and its ecosystem. EA Governance and change management supports compliance and value delivery measure.

The two practices - Agile and EA - can be used together and leverage each other. An effective EA governance leverages Agile providing the required compliance and assurance that the value delivery is really aligned with the organization objectives as a whole.

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