2020 - Time for a connected vision. Purpose and Relationships in an era of Servitization

In the last 20 years, the global economy has changed dramatically. E-commerce, social media, the sharing economy, a networked world, emerging technologies, all transforming the way that we live and work.

The old adage of “change has never been so fast and will never be so slow again” doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. Whilst it is true that many of us fear change, it is equally true that we are unable to stop it, so surely, as we enter 2020, the only answer is to optimistically embrace change together with all of the opportunity and potential that it offers to us.

Connectivity remains a major challenge for organizations. Fragmented processes and systems, uncertain market conditions, multiple stakeholders with variable interests mean decision making, and implementation continue to become more complicated and contentious. Compounding this, organizations are under increasing pressure to better define their sense of purpose. A focus on profits and providing dividends to shareholders is no longer enough. What about their broader social role? And equally, what about the relationships they must form and manage, the extent of loyalty and integrity they offer, the depth of visibility and transparency, the fairness of their dealings both internally and externally?

The themes of purpose, relationships, and servitization potentially offer solutions to these complex problems and provide the opportunity for the contract and commercial community to assume a position of leadership in the execution of change and innovation.

Purpose matters not only at an overall strategic level but also as the potential unifying force within major programs, projects or business offerings. Improved analysis and then management of relationships is increasingly an area that links directly to contract performance. And servitization appears an unstoppable trend that sees us moving away from a world of ownership to one of availability and outcomes.

Contract and Commercial Management stands as the enabler and the integrator uniquely positioned to break down the barriers and allay conflicting interests. In the 2020s, we can increasingly assume a role in which we inform and shape corporate strategies.

IACCM 2020 will explore these fundamental trends and how they depend on Contract and Commercial Management for their development and successful implementation. The opportunities for us to intervene, to engage, and to anticipate are amazing. Join us, be at the heart of these revolutionary changes and be inspired.

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