Van Haren Publishing Approach to Global Distribution

The Van Haren Publishing approach to global distribution is based on the higher principle that in a perfect information market it is no longer enough to simply promote books on commercial websites. In a world where many companies provide topic information, our service to our clients is to ensure that customers select our high quality branded products from the myriad available.

1. Establish broad recognition of the brand
a. Van Haren Publishing readers know that our brand means quality
b. Client branding is made highly visible
c. Free material and extracts encourage viral marketing and solid introductions to guidance
2.  Make sure content is available with the leading retailers: local intermediaries, local bookstores as well as e-retailers Worldwide such as Google Play, Amazon, Apple, KOBO, NOOK, Samsung, Gardners, INGRAM, Baker & Taylor and so on in Hard copy and e-format.
3. Establish large emailing databases and e-newsletter
4. Social marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook  and others)

The following are examples of how we use all components of the marketing mix to achieve this:
• Using our solid database of 60,000 users and readers to inform them of innovative content
• Making titles available on 40 global distribution channels including Google Play, Amazon, Apple, KOBO, NOOK, Samsung, Gardners, INGRAM, Baker & Taylor and local e-retailers.
Click here for our Distributors list.
• Encouraging adoption of our shop functionality amongst partners means that when a book is on our website it is also available on 70 other websites: including user groups, standards owners, trainers and more.
• Free extracts on our Free Knowledge Zone encourage Brand recognition and adoption.

Finally, samples of content are great introductions to the quality and approach of the standards.
We make them freely available and encourage wide distribution as they bring the works to a wide audience and also encourage strong brand association.
Users feel comfortable reading free extracts.