Download instructions

Download voucher – Courseware: click here to download the instructions for the course participants if you have received a download voucher.

Download voucher – eBook: click here for the downloadinstructions to download the eBook if you have received a download voucher.

eBook: click here to download the instructions

All our eBooks are protected by Social DRM.

Step 1: After you have placed your order and have completed the payment checkout, you will be redirected to the following webpage. This is a direct overview of your order. The green dot let’s you know that the eBook is available for download.  Click on ‘Downoad ebook(s)’ and continue to step 2.


Step 2: You will be redirected to the ‘My account’ page. You can always return to your account when you click on ‘My account’ in the menu at the top of the webpage, this menu is always visible. To go to your eBook overview, click on ‘Downloads’ in the menu on the left. This is the complete overview of all your eBooks previously ordered with us.

A green dot on the eBook means that it is available for download. If your eBook has the orange dot, please contact and they will help you out.

Click on the publication of your order. When you click on the publication, a Social DRM PDF will be downloaded. You can open and read this file with every program or browser that supports PDF files.


FAQ Ebooks

Wat is copy protection and what types of copy protection does Van Haren Publishing use?

Copy protection ensures that only the owner of an ebook can open the ebook. There are different techniques to secure ebooks. Van Haren Publishing uses Social DRM.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) provides a form of digital content protection. Social DRM technology provides protection by embedding visible and/or invisible watermarks into the eBooks you sell. The visible watermark will display the personal information of the buyer, such as: name, email and phone number.