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Who is Van Haren Publishing

Van Haren Publishing is one of world’s leading publishers in the field of best practices, methods and standards.

We operate in the following areas:

IT Management

Van Haren Publishing initially gained considerable experience in the publishing business thanks to our IT Management publications. Being one of the first publishers to release books about ITIL®, the roots of Van Haren Publishing lie in the field of IT and IT management. We have consistently collaborated with the most important organizations and foundations in the IT management domain. As a result, we have always been up-to-date in terms of upcoming methods, standards and best practices. Due to our experience and authority in this field, Van Haren Publishing is able to gauge which methods will survive, thrive or fade away. Furthermore, Van Haren Publishing not only publishes standards but also contributes to them. We achieve this by working closely with well-known authors and leading business partners.

Business management 

Since the year 2000, Van Haren Publishing has been evolving into its current position as leading publisher. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number and variety of standards we published. It thus came as no surprise when Van Haren Publishing decided to expand into the field of business management publications. Due to the quality offered by Van Haren Publishing, a wide range of organizations, from a variety of fields, have selected us as their exclusive publisher. For example, the Business Relationship Management Institute has been benefiting from the services of Van Haren Publishing for several years.

Our quality is benchmarked by selecting authors of proven reputation and by applying quality management procedures e.g. peer reviews of the manuscripts. Many of our business management publications are also suitable for higher education and business managers who wish to learn more about best practices.

Project management 

Project management is, along with IT management, one of the domains where Van Haren Publishing found its roots. Back in the day, Van Haren Publishing was one of the major publishers on PRINCE®. Over the years, Van Haren Publishing has of course added many publications on other standards in the field of project management to its portfolio. We can proudly proclaim to be the exclusive publisher for leading foundations such as IPMA Nederland and PMI Netherlands. Our project management publications have been of great importance to many project managers. This leading position has been established by working closely with professionals, consultancy organizations and exam institutes in the project management domain.

Enterprise Architecture 

Besides the afore-mentioned domains, Van Haren Publishing has successfully entered the field of Enterprise Architecture. This can partly be attributed to publications on TOGAF and ArchiMate, published on behalf of The Open Group. The Open Group has selected Van Haren Publishing as its exclusive publisher.

International Publisher

As mentioned previously, Van Haren Publishing is the official publisher for some of the world’s leading organizations, including The Open Group, IPMA-NL, ITSqc, GamingWorks, ASL BiSL Foundation, BRMI,  IAOP, IACCM, PMI NL and IVI (Innovation Value Institute).

Van Haren Publishing publications can be obtained all over the world. This is possible thanks to a network of over 40 distributors located throughout the world, including renowned names like Amazon, Ingram, Gardners and Bernan, who make sure our publications are available to everyone.

Van Haren Publishing is a world leading publisher in standards, best practice and methods.


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