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TSTC -Certified BIO Professional Foundation (CBP-F) - TSTC

You can train anywhere, but you succeed at TSTC. At TSTC, we believe in classroom training, but in our own unique way! Since 1999, TSTC has been at the forefront of customizing, accelerating, and improving ICT-related training to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

You may (re)recognize the four most common problems with traditional classroom training:

Vast differences in the skill levels among students.
Theoretical slide-based training that adds little to self-study.
Low effectiveness because a lot of self-study and review is required after the training.
Practical labs that often do not align with daily real-world scenarios due to time constraints.
TSTC excels in addressing these issues with a unique approach and provides you with practical, personalized, and effective training with a 100% success guarantee. For us, this is not just a sales pitch; it defines who we are at our core.