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Our platform as a basis for personal growth

Our platform represents a “community” of people, professionals, who are consciously working on their personal growth; and who meet and support each other here. Everyone walks his/her own development path to his/her peak. Regardless of whether his/her path is about developing knowledge, skills, vitality, identity and/or spirituality.

Meeting place

This is not an Internet community. Real meeting does not take place through a website. For real connection, people come together physically. By organizing meetings, for example in the form of workshops or living room dinners. And by encouraging new encounters.

We want to offer a place where both individuals (private and business), teams and organizations can go for support and guidance in their personal growth and development.

Everyone goes his or her own way

Individuals, teams and organizations go their own journey, their own expedition, in search of their destination. And from the Suerte platform, they can always take the next step. We provide the various base camps along the way, so to speak.

Here is the opportunity to refuel, gain new energy and inspiration, refresh themselves. And maybe even draw comfort from the stories of others. Before taking the next stage. Such a stage can be done alone, with others and whether or not accompanied by a guide or coach.

Platform with a large offer

The platform offers you facilities in all areas: for the mind, for the heart, for the body and for the soul. From an overarching holistic vision, we offer a wide range of forms for personal development.

We organize lectures, workshops, trainings and courses. There is opportunity for coaching, intervision, meditation, silence sessions, etc.

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