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Purple Griffon, established in 2002, is a dedicated and sincere company with a clear mission: to provide customers with solutions that address their problems. With a focus on the importance of proper staff training, Purple Griffon has trained 40,000 professionals worldwide, aiding them in achieving their career objectives. Although smaller than other training providers, Purple Griffon makes a significant impact at every company it collaborates with, always placing customers at the heart of its operations.

The company is passionate about customer satisfaction, regularly collecting feedback and being proactive in making any beneficial changes for its clients. Purple Griffon offers training in the latest methodologies and technologies, including IT Asset Management, XLA, PM2 and also provides expert consultancy services to address issues clients may not have the time to tackle.

All trainers and consultants at Purple Griffon bring years of experience to devise suitable solutions for their clients. The company emphasizes that “Best Practice” is based on real experiences, offering solutions derived from the challenges others have faced and overcome, thus providing clients with proven strategies for success.

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