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Blue Pinnacle

About Blue Pinnacle

Blue Pinnacle specializes in developing, organizing, and delivering training services across a broad spectrum of expertise. They focus on aligning their training services with both organizational and personal goals, acknowledging the unique journey of growth and development for each individual and organization.

They also provide consultancy services aimed at increasing organizational maturity in information security (assisting organizations in achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 certification), IT service management, and business information management.

Blue Pinnacle’s approach is characterized as patient, flexible, and trustworthy. They pay meticulous attention to detail while maintaining a comprehensive view. Their extensive experience in training extends beyond traditional classroom settings to include online and offline learning components, offering blended learning and e-learning solutions.

The company’s capability to offer training in a diverse array of fields stems from years of working experience across various roles within small businesses to large multinational corporations, in both profit and non-profit sectors. Their background encompasses work with IT suppliers and client organizations alike, across industries such as IT consultancy, logistics, industrial, government, education, financial, and space sectors.

Blue Pinnacle’s roots in training services date back to before their formal education, starting with organizing and delivering rock climbing courses. This service, ranging from basic to expert levels, remains part of their portfolio to this day.





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