What is Courseware

We have developed accredited and high quality courseware for multiple standards like TOGAF, ITIL, PRINCE2, IPMA and many more. The Courseware is the complete publication that is needed by a student that is taking a course with the sheets used in the presentation in the course, sample exams, case studies and much more. Once the trainer of the course prescribes the courseware, the trainer will receive the full presentation (ppt) which he or she uses for the course. In that way the trainer can give the complete accredited course and has all the material that is needed.

In order to receive the complete and accredited course material, one must become a partner first.

Why become a Partner?

When the trainer or ATO becomes a partner, a partner Agreement will be signed. Once signed, the trainer will receive the complete course material which will allow him to give the full accredited course. The partner Agreement contains certain terms that will secure certain rights and usage of the material.

With signing the partner agreement one agrees to prescribe and purchase the courseware publications per student for the intended course. The partner also agrees to the rights and the usage terms that are held and handled by the Scheme owner. Therefore it is not allowed to use the courseware publication to develop a course based on that content or material.

Please mail your partner agreement to Sales@vanharen.net

Become a Partner

(sign the partner agreement below)

Become a partner by signing the partner agreement and send it to info@vanharen.net.

After signing the partner agreement, you will receive the complete accredited presentation (ppt).

Order courseware

(priced per student)

Once the course material is received,

you are able to promote and plan the course.

As agreed, as described in the partner agreement,  the courseware publication will be ordered per student that is taking the intended course.

As trainer you will receive one free trainer copy with your order.

Give the training

The Partner Agreement is signed.

The complete accredited presentation is received.

The accredited courseware publications has been ordered and delivered/handed out to the students.

You are ready to give the accredited course.

Good luck!

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