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When Is a Cloud Like a Factory?

A New Way to Look at Cloud Computing “The CIO as Supply Chain Manager” and “Industrialized IT services” are some of the more recently coined terms used in IT, and not without reason. It is these types of terms which are very appealing to use when there is a need…

Key practical differences between traditional computing environments and Cloud Computing

In order for a business to embrace new technology, one must first understand what it is embracing. Cloud computing is defined by several essential characteristics: While Cloud Computing has been a major topic of interest and excitement in the IT world for several years now, many businesses are still only just befitting to understand what…

Cloud Computing, Benefits and Subtypes

Cloud computing is based on the idea that, rather than each company or individual being set up with their own computing devices for data storage and manipulation, computing resources can be pooled and shared via the Internet. You might first think of companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter….