SIAM (Service Integration and Management) is a hot topic of discussion at many IT Service Management conferences and events. The new Van Haren Publishing book on this subject, SIAM: Principles and Practices for Service Integration and Management,  was launched at the itSMF UK conference in London recently.

SIAM book release


As part of the launch the AllThingsITSM global podcast team interviewed one of the authors of the book, Dave Armes. See what he had to say.

Dave Armes elucidates

We are clearly entering an age when the speed of technology and business change will continue to require every organisation to partner extensively; cloud, data, everything as a service all require partnership with other organisations.  While there is a wealth of material on what partnership means and the best ways to foster good business relationships, when it comes to sourcing IT, the answer tends to be SLAs and punitive measures for non-performance, resulting in services where there is often as much time spent measuring the service (and arguing about the measures) as delivering it, and certainly more than is spend evolving it.

SIAM offers us a way of changing this paradigm and starting to truly collaborate between service providers and service consumers.  The object of SIAM: Principles and Practices for Service Integration and Management has been to share practical guidance based on what has worked, and what hasn’t worked to facilitate this shift.

It is not THE answer, there are many,  but it does offer A FEW of the possible answers and will hopefully provide a baseline for one of the most important debates in our industry at this point in time.

Previous SIAM podcast

Earlier in the year the podcast team interviewed another of the SIAM authors, Peter McKenzie, at the Australian itSMF Conference.

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SIAM_SERVICE_INTEGRATION_v2LRTitle: SIAM: Principles and Practices for Service Integration and Management (english version)
ISBN: 9789401800259
Author(s): Dave Armes & Niklas Engelhart & Peter McKenzie & Peter Wiggers
Price: € 39,95 (VAT

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