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Our team

Ivo van Haren

Founder of Van Haren Publishing, Ivo has been active in the best practice industry for over 25 years. His name is nearly synonymous with the best practice industry.

“I love the major international impact we have on management standards and best practices with our small Van Haren team.”

Miriam Blom

Miriam covers our internal operations. For 20 years now, she's been the rudder who safely steers us through any choppy waters. She is the backbone to our organization!

"I've enjoyed going to work for about 20 years. I know that it will always be a varied and challenging day where I can put my organization and management skills to good use ”

Maurits van der Plas

Director Learning Solutions
Maurits has worn several different hats over the years as Director of Van Haren Learning Solutions. He's also in charge of all our certification business.

"Quality Education is vital for global development and growth. I give my all every day, knowing I help professionals and businesses to achieve their goals through a better understanding and knowledge of content."

Niek Schellekens

Marketing & Business Development Manager
He's our new Head of Marketing.
"For people to be the best version of themselves, there must be a perfect environment for each individual. Creating that for the team, the clients, and our customers is what gets me up in the morning.’’

Martijn Krijbolder

Marketing & Sales representative
He's our new Marketing & Sales representative.
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’’

Pierre de Wit

IT Service Manager
Pierre is now also officially part of the Van Haren team. There isn't much he can't do as Head of all IT and Delivery Services.

Dani de Wijs

He's our new operations officer, makes all operations run effectively and smoothly.

Collin Hoogerwerf

Marketing Manager
We are confident that Collin will bring a fresh perspective and valuable experience to our team

Daan Verdult

Business development PM²
Daan is our new Business developer for Building relationships and driving business development.

Jantine de Wit

Publisher & Backend support
Jantine is lead courseware publishing.

Anne-Marie van Diem

Anne-Marie makes sure we keep our perfect status.

Bart Verbrugge

Senior Publisher
Bart needs no introduction, there is little he does not know.

Lida Bos

Layout & Press @ Coco Bookmedia
Lida controls all our prepress and production

"I love the complete package. There is plenty of diversity at Van Haren!"

Theo van Middelaar

Boss @ Coco Bookmedia
Layouts of our books? Made by Theo

"I enjoy doodling, drawing, and creating eye pleasing pages that make information tangible to the reader."

Jerado Vennek

Traffic & eBooks @ Coco Bookmedia
Prepress deadlines are beaten by Jerado

"If I get my hands on some clean content then it feels like the sun has come out to shine."

Steve Newton

Text Editor
"It's a pleasure to be part of a team that delivers such high quality content and practical guidance."

Sabine Heijmans

Copy editing English
"British? or American? - it's all Canadian to me!"

Sabine Verstijnen

Copy editing Dutch
"A clean, readable text allows the reader to focus more on the content."

Janneke Wolters

Jannike takes care of our Dutch publications.

“What gets me going in the morning is a flat white coffee and an interesting piece of text to read”.

Alexander van der Plas

Courseware Publisher
Alexander occasionally does courseware publications.

"Sharing knowledge makes you more powerful."

Mark Kouwenhoven

Head of distribution exams
Mark does not worry so easily there's nothing that he can't fix.

Tara Abdolazimi

Project Manager @CertN
Tara helps to communicate and organize with all of our vendors.

Frank Turley

Morral Support & CEO@CertN
Frank is simply very funny!

Nader K. Rad

Head exam development @CertN
"What I like the most about my work is that it's a manifestation of Heraclitus' No one steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."