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  1. 1600447

    ASL 2 Pocket Guide

    ASL, the Application Services Library, is a framework for application management within an organization. The importance of adopting a professional and mature approach to the implementation of application management is widely recognized in the marketplace. This is also the reason for the publication of this Management Guide. ASL is the only public domain application management standard in the world. The framework has been available for several years, and describes all of the relevant processes that play a role in application management and maintenance. ]]>

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  2. 1600060

    How to implement metrics for IT service management

    We are often too busy to ask for directions. Implementing a measurement framework should help align IT with the business objectives and create value through continual improvements. This helps us create a roadmap and keeps us from getting lost. In this article, David A. Smith presents such a framework.

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  3. 1600027

    Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that has recently come to prominence. The Open Group has a long history of providing support for enterprise architects, notably through development and maintenance of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF™). The Open Group is naturally concerned to understand the relation of SOA to other styles of enterprise architecture, and to support enterprise architects using SOA. It has established its SOA Working Group as a vehicle for its work on SOA. This White Paper sets out the understanding that has been reached by the SOA Working Group of SOA and its relation to enterprise architecture, and in particular to TOGAF, in order to: 1. Communicate that understanding to the rest of The Open Group and to the IT industry at large 2. Provide a basis for the further development of the work program of the SOA Working Group

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  4. 1600055

    The unclear relationship between change-, release- and project management

    Do you have a clear picture of the interfaces and relationships between change, release and project management? Even after analyzing what ITIL and PRINCE2 - market-leader frameworks in the process domain - suggest? In this article, Christian Cantù and Maxime Sottini draw a picture of the potential relationships between these processes, and give practical guidance on how to implement them.

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  5. 1600455

    ISO/IEC 20000 Una Introducci

    Download [free books] [Spaanstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 26116]

  6. 1600088

    Introductie-BiSL Een framework voor functioneel beheer en informatiemanagement

    In februari 2005 is BiSL als public domain standaard voor functioneel beheer en informatiemanagement geïntroduceerd. Dit artikel is een introductie op het BiSL-model en -voor diegenen die wat meer zijn ingewijd op dit terrein - geeft het artikel inzicht in de veranderingen in het denken en de invulling van het model.

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  7. 1600156

    Using TOGAF to evolve SOA Infrastructure into Mature Enterprise Architecture

    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) brings many business benefits to organizations, especially the ability to respond rapidly to business process change for competitive advantage. Within one oil company’s Exploration and Production (E&P) segment there is a department called Digital and Communications Technology (DCT). An E&P DCT SOA program operates as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to provide advice, guidance, and standards to projects. The CoE is staffed by a mix of BP, IBM, and SAIC staff and has established the E&P DCT SOA Method, defining best practice for SOA implementations.

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  8. 1600390

    Metrics Template - Incident Management

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 22574]

  9. 1600053

    Service catalog management. Best practices and practical advice

    As IT services are becoming commodities, IT must change the way it views its relationship with business units and end users. A critical step in this journey is the creation of a service catalog which defines and manages the relationship between IT and the business it serves. The authors, Bill Fine and Nick Schneider outline a step-by-step approach to designing and implementing an actionable IT service catalog.

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  10. 1600371

    Metrics Template - Programme and Project Management

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 17584]

  11. 1600387

    Metrics Template - Change Management

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 16417]

  12. 1600002

    Integrate project and IT service management for better quality of IT services

    Project management brings major changes and innovation. IT service management promises quality and the fulfillment of needs. Their interactions are not always properly addressed - often leading to issues,conflicts and risks affecting the final quality of services. Integrate them to improve it!

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  13. 1600722

    IAOP OPBOK templates

    Exclusive!!! These templates are derived from the OPBOK guidance: which identifies the best practices of outsourcing professionals around the globe. They provide an invaluable resource for any outsourcing professional: users can apply rigorous disciplines to ensure internal and external requirements are fully considered and implemented at each stage of the process. Please note there is a new version of Template 3.7 as at June 2011 listed on this Knowledge Base which should be used.]]>

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [doc] [downloads: 14249]

  14. 1600029

    TOGAF and ITIL

    This White Paper considers how the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) can be used together, with a detailed comparison and mapping between the two. The approach taken is based on flagging all paragraphs in TOGAF 8.1.1 which may refer to one of the ITIL processes described in the ITIL v2 library. As an annex, all chapters and paragraphs are numbered and refer to these processes and underlying concepts. When appropriate, explanations and diagrams have been included.

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  15. 1600679

    Implementing Metrics for ITSM KPI Scorecards

    This KPI scorecard contains 24 Microsoft Excel metrics templates which helps to quickly enter and report metrics, scorecards and dashboards, demonstrating many of the principles described in our book Implementing Metrics for IT Service Management. It is protected under copyright by Van Haren Publishing, All rights reserved. No part of this application may be reproduced in any form by electronic copying, print, photo print, microfilm or any other means without written permission by Van Haren Publishing.]]>

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [zip] [downloads: 13280]

  16. 1600228

    Key Metrics for IT Service and Support

    To evaluate IT service and support performance, senior management must focus on metrics beyond the IT service desk basics. A good performance management dashboard should be a careful blend of operational and service metrics. Key Findings • Management tends to focus on readily available IT service desk statistics, which are only a partial indicator of overall performance. Unfortunately, these tend to provide misleading guidance. • Most IT organizations struggle to gather the right mix of metrics from a variety of sources to create an IT service and support management dashboard.

    Download [whitepapers] [Engelstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 13134]

  17. 1600054

    Request fulfillment - ten best practices for managing IT service requests

    What does it take to create an actionable service catalog and an efficient request fulfillment process? This article by Rodrigo Fernando Flores will outline ten best practices which can help your IT shop provide more responsive service delivery, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Download [whitepapers] [Engelstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 12994]

  18. 1600383

    Metrics Template - Service Level Management

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 12397]

  19. 1600389

    Metrics Template - Service Desk

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 11987]

  20. 1600031

    Everything you wanted to know about PRINCE2, in less than one thousand words

    PRINCE2 describes eight components which need to be present for a successful project: • Business Case – The justification for the project • Organisation – defining the roles and responsibilities of the people involved • Plans – defining the project’s products, how the work should be carried out, when and by whom • Controls – how the project manager and project board exercise control over the project • Management of Risk – how the project should approach and manage risk • Quality in a Project Environment – how the project should ensure that quality products are delivered • Configuration Management – how the project’s products are identified and tracked • Change Control – how to manage changes to specification or scope of the products

    Download [whitepapers] [Engelstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 11584]

  21. 1600276

    ITIL V3 and Information Security

    This paper discusses the role and importance to the business of effective Information Security Management (ISM), how it is supported by an extensive family of global standards and the way these harmonize with ITIL. The intended readership is business and IT managers familiar with or interested in ITIL. The paper discusses the contents and purposes of, and relationships between global standards, best practice guidance and organizational policies and procedures in the creation of effective ISM. There is no longer a separate ITIL publication on Security Management, so the paper explores the role of ISM within ITIL and how ITIL and the available ISM standards and guidance are aligned and can work together. ISM content in ITIL is mapped to the ISO/IEC standards. In Appendix D, the paper summarizes the key findings of the committees set up to examine recent serious security failings in the public sector. Their recommendations are valuable and as applicable to commercial business as they are to Government departments.]]>

    Download [whitepapers] [Engelstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 11485]

  22. 1600270

    Project Initiation Document (small projects) PRINCE2

    This document provides the base information regarding the project, covering the fundamental questions of: 1. What the project is about? 2. Why it is important to achieve it? 3. Who is going to be involved in managing the process and what their responsibilities are? 4. How and When it is all going to happen?]]>

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [docx] [downloads: 11403]

  23. 1600458

    ISO/IEC 20000: An Introduction

    Download [free books] [Japans] [PDF] [downloads: 11308]

  24. 1600377

    Metrics Template - Security Management

    Download [templates] [Engelstalig] [xlsx] [downloads: 10994]

  25. 1600147

    Modellen die werken

    Heeft u al een mening over Six Sigma, ASL, COPC, Tripod, BSC, ISPL, EFQM of eSCM? Wilt u de juiste keuze maken? In dit artikel schetsen Barry Derksen en Peter Noordam de mogelijkheden van verschillende modellen om de kwaliteit van uw informatievoorziening te verbeteren.

    Download [whitepapers] [Nederlandstalig] [PDF] [downloads: 10903]

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