Van Haren Publishing media activities

We have around 20,000 followers over various social media channels, whilst up to 90,000 members receive the Van Haren Publishing newsletter. Van Haren Publishing is a content-based organization and our online strategy  is to provide our followers with ‘need to know’ content about all our publications.

We do this via the following campaigns:

Newbook Release
Newbook Release campaigns are announcements or pre-announcements about upcoming publications.

In 3 Minutes
In 3 Minutes campaigns are blogs and posts about a standard or publication that follow a standard lay-out.
They inform the reader in a clear and concise way, making the topic understandable and fun to share throughout other social media.

Van Haren Publishing has collected over 1,000 whitepapers by partnering with foundations, experts and many other sources.  And, of course, we also produce our own whitepapers.  All of our whitepapers are brought together in the eKnowledge base and are available free for charge.

In a Nutshell
These are collaborative campaigns where Van Haren Publishing promotes a standard in conjunction with stakeholders and/or partners. This involves sending out a newsletter that contains a blog, general information, upcoming events, whitepapers, publications and a one-time promotion action.

Our main social media channels are the Van Haren Publishing LinkedIn, TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and the Van Haren Publishing Blog.

We also have a presence on TumblrPintrest and YouTube.